Colleague Wellbeing and COVID-19 survey and support programme

Colleague Wellbeing Survey

Colleague wellbeing is vital not only for the health and happiness of the individual, but also for ensuring positive relationships, engagement, productivity, learning communities and overall colleague and student experience.

We have launched our fourth Colleague Wellbeing Survey and a follow up to one you completed over winter 2021.

The aim is for colleagues to have the opportunity to share any issues around your wellbeing, to feedback to the university on what we have got right and what you would like to see improved amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Including experiences of working remotely and on campus, how you feel about workplace safety, our communications and the resources made available to you.

This survey was developed in collaboration with Westminster’s Being Safe Feeling Safe (BSFS) team and academic colleagues, Damien Ridge, Dana Rosenfeld, Justin Haroun, Anna Cartwright, Anna Cheshire, Peter Urwin, Deborah Husbands and Fatima Maatwk. The summer survey includes a number of additional questions around COVID-19 impacts including gauging the levels of colleague anxiety, depression and burnout.

The survey opened on Friday 23 July and closes on Monday 9 August. It should take around 10 minutes to complete. You can save your progress and return to it at a later date if needed.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact of support – new workshop series

The Centre for Resilience (CfR) will be running a series of workshops over the coming weeks designed to support colleagues who may be experiencing anxiety, burn out, depression and trouble sleeping. These will become accessible through our Juice platform. Also, look out on our colleague intranet events pages and future editions of Westminster Weekly for more information.

Workshops include:Buffering and Recovering from burnout (one-hour workshop)Helping individuals with recognising burnout, why it is a problem, recovery strategies and much more. Optional activity for participants with this workshop will be for participants to choose SMART strategies and practices to try, with a check in from the CfR team in week six to establish further support as required.

Working with burnout as a manager (one and half hour workshop)If you are feeling burnt out a s a manager or how you can help as a manager sign post resource and develop organisational/team strategies . This workshop looks at how burnout can be best addressed at an organisational and team level, with personalised support plans for individuals.

Workshops on getting better sleep (one-hour workshop)The Sleep Charity Foundation Programme provides a good introduction to sleep for professionals supporting families.The modules covered include:The importance of sleepSleep physiologyCauses of sleep issuesIdentifying causes of sleep issuesGood sleep practice To become available with further details via Our Juice platform.